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Welcome to the Chicago Tionol 2002
Downtown Chicago, Illinois
September 14 & 15, 2002

    In conjunction with Chicago's Celtic Fest, the Chicago Uilleann Pipers' Club is pleased to again host the 2002 Chicago Tionol.  As we're sure most of you are aware, last year's tionol was canceled due the tragic events of September 11th, but we are looking forward to getting old friends and new acquaintances together for another weekend of piping, learning, new tunes and old stories.  

    As well, as many of you will remember, this will be the first  Chicago Tionol since the untimely death of Al Purcell.  Al's passing was a great sadness to us all, but we can think of no more fitting tribute to Al than a bunch of pipers getting together to play, learn and pass on the tradition.  He was a true master, a generous teacher and the definition of "the gentleman piper".  The tionol this year is dedicated  to Al's memory.

     For first-timers and newcomers, we've assembled a page describing a bit about the tionol, Celtic Fest and what the weekend is about.  Old hands can go right to the class schedule.  When you are all set, go to the registration page and pick your classes.  As an extra-added convenience, and to speed things up a bit, we will be offering credit card payments for registration fees (nice thing about having John's office, he's got a merchant number).  Traditionalists (pun intended) can mail in checks or money orders the old fashioned way.

We've got a great line-up of teachers this year.  We are being rejoined by both B.C. Childress and Seth Gallagher.  As well, we'll also have Chicago piper Pat Broaders and Miami piper Kynch O'Kaine on board.  The featured piper will be Mick O'Brien, of Dublin.

On behalf of the Chicago Uilleann Piper's Club, and Chicago Celtic Fest, we look forward to seeing you in September!

Bob Kellam

John Gaffney  

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